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Course Offerings 

We offer two methods to complete our online courses.

Self-Directed Course


You can purchase all beginner level courses one at a time. You must complete 101 to move on to 102 and so forth. There are a total of 4 courses at the beginner level.

Courses available September 2020

Mixed Course


This full year course covers all of the entire beginner courses 101 to 104.  Weekly, you will find new modules to complete on our learning management system. Monthly, there will be a Zoom meeting to answer your questions about course materials, join in on some interactive activities and meet your classmates.

The course begins September 2020 and run until May 2021. Monthly Zoom meetings will be Tuesday at 9pm - you will be emailed a link the day of. 


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Want to understand how to make sentences?

We teach you the bits and pieces of how to make your own sentences. Within the first few modules of Anishinaabemowin 101, you will be able to create complex sentences. 

Anishinaabemowin is verb focused. Meaning that it is immensely important to learn how to conjugate verbs. This is one of our focuses - we love verbs and we will show you how to love them too. 

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Developing Language



Speaking is the goal to be able to make Anishinaabemowin the home language. We aim to support your speaking by taking you through everyday conversations and introducing you to useful phrases.


Reading may be a new facet to Anishinaabemowin, but this avenue of learn support the learn to discover language patterns that may be missed and rapid speech. 

Reading allow learners to play with phrases to suit their own needs. 

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Writing too is a new facet to Anishinaabemowin, yet this allows us to slow down and make good sentences to take out into the world. 

Writing also helps us capture our real life learning with speakers in our own communities. 


Listening is the key to understanding. At first you may not know one word from another, but as the hours of listening time accumulates, you begin to hear individual words and word parts. 

We encourage listening through songs and stories. 

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