Student Reviews

Word on the Street

Learning Anishinaabemowin from [them] has been a real pleasure right from the first day of class. After every class I have something new that I can practice at home with my family. [They are] a great teacher and I would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn the language to take [their] classes.

Avril L.

Welcoming and approachable, [they] make learning the foundations of Anishinaabemowin fun and undaunting with creative, constructive assignments that help solidify your understanding.

B. GC.

[They are] a wonderful teacher; patient with a great sense of humour. [They] know how to engage students well and [their] classes build off of one another at a good pace. I feel lucky to have been in [their] class.



[The teacher] creates such a fun and motivating learning environment! The resources [they've] created for verbs and vocabulary, along with the classes, have helped me to build confidence as a learner beginning to understand the structure of the language.

R. B.

I very much enjoyed [their] course. [They] use a lot of active learning techniques to keep the class engaging and interesting. [They are] able to provide helpful answers to students' questions; for example, [they] refer to both academic resources and also to what he has heard from different Anishinaabemowin speakers from different communities. [They are] also very patient; there are certain concepts that are so different from English (or French) that it is difficult to remember how to implement them. I think it just takes practice and repetition, and [the teacher] is very patient about re-explaining these concepts when I make a mistake. And [they are] very good at summarizing the grammatical rules and explaining them in a systematic way that you can remember them. This is extremely helpful. Some other instructors just use an immersion method (which is also useful, and which [the teacher] also uses). But an immersion method by itself is not effective if you can only do 1 or 2 classes per week, which is all I have time for. So I really appreciate how [the teacher] simplifies the grammatical rules and makes them clear.

Karen D.

[They are] a kind, patient and entertaining teacher. [They] approache teaching in a multi-faceted way, which means his classes are never dull. We play games and learn songs, but also learn history, spiritual stories and linguistics. [They] approache each learner at their own level, and makes space for everyone in [their] class. Anishinaabemowin revitalization is clearly [their] spiritual path, and [their] depth and commitment shines through. Miigwech [teacher].

Robin P.